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If you asked us for our must-have jewelry staples, a pair of classic gold hoop earrings would definitely make the cut. Timeless and ultra-versatile, hoop earrings can elevate even the most casual looks and are ideal for any dress code. While we love chunky hoop styles, lately we’ve been gravitating towards smaller silhouettes that are perfect for everyday use: huggie earrings.

Designed to sit close to the earlobe, huggies are perfect for those who prefer dainty earrings. While they may be mini in size, they definitely make a mighty style impact. Our huggie hoop earring styles come with different clasps and it can be confusing to determine which to choose, so we made this handy guide for you.


Like changing your earrings often? Then the hinge huggie will appeal to you! Probably our most popular huggie type, hinge huggies are very easy to take on and off. They’re available in smaller hoop sizes too, so if you have smaller ear lobes then these will suit you perfectly. You can wear them alone for a more minimal look or layer them with your other earrings for a curated ear stack.

Hinge huggies can get tangled in your hair sometimes, but it’s a small price to pay for effortless style!

Elevate everyday looks with some of our bestselling hinge huggie styles:


Another clasp type is the latch, which is available in small and large hoop styles. The latch clasp is very secure and durable, making it particularly great for accommodating larger hoops. We recommend that you wear latch huggies on your first earring holes, as they tend to be bigger than endless and hinge huggies. If you opt for smaller latch huggies, you may find them a bit hard to put on and take off.

Make a stylish statement with these latch huggies:


For a truly seamless-looking finish, you can’t go wrong with endless huggies. They’re extremely thin and hollow, making them comfortable for all-day wear or to even sleep in. Endless huggies are designed to never fall out, so they’re especially ideal for those who don’t plan to take them off very often. If you have multiple ear piercings and are looking for a cartilage earring, we suggest that you opt for one with an endless clasp as it is the most lightweight option.

The only drawback to endless huggies is that they can be very difficult to put on, so you might need to ask someone for help. Other than that though, you should have no problems wearing them 24/7.

See our favorite endless huggie options:

Huggies are some of the most versatile earrings out there. Our range of styles and clasp options ensure that there’s a pair of huggie earrings to suit every preference and comfort.

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