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Jewelry Cleaning Cloth

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Whether you’re new to layering necklaces, you don’t know where to start, or you gave up a long time ago because it’s such a hassle, you’re going to love what NYC-based jewelry company, AMY O, is unveiling this year. The O Collection offers minimalist, feminine, on-trend necklaces that everyone’s after, with a little something-extra that’s kind of game changing. We’ve designed the necklaces specifically to make layering easy.

The most common layering issues are clasps falling to the front, necklaces shifting out of place and chains tangling—it’s painful to look at, we know. The good news is we’ve found a way to bring order to this chaos. Believe it or not, O Collection layers stay where you want them long after you’ve put them on. It isn’t witchcraft, we promise. Just good design. O Collection necklaces have patented connectors to link one necklace onto another and build a layered set.

You can arrange the necklaces in any order you want, at any height you want, take the whole thing on and off in one piece, and yes, wait for it: the necklaces don’t tangle. You read that right. No. Tangling. Every O Collection necklace also comes with an extension chain to make sizing even more accessible to all body shapes.

AMY O’s founder and designer, Gina Nam, came up with the concept for the O Collection because she loves to layer necklaces, but got fed up with how they inevitably tangle. “I’m on the go all the time. Convenience is everything,” Gina says. Can’t argue with that. Honestly, this is what we’ve been waiting for—high quality, gorgeous necklaces we love that can now be seamlessly stacked. So go ahead and pile ‘em on! The O Collection is layering made simple.

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What makes the O Collection Different

Chains won't roll against
each other and get tangled
Add layers to build a connected piece
that you put on/remove as a set
Adjust lengths between layers and
Interchange layers in any order
that you want

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