Huggies Size Guide

A must-read sizing guide for huggie earrings

We made it simple and easy to choose the right huggie earrings size for you! No rulers needed - See our chart of the best suggested size for your ear type...Yes earlobes come in all shapes and sizes too!

huggies size chart

Our size chart is by ear lobe type and piercing area. Just remember that our suggested sizes are tailored for huggies with a tight fit. If you would prefer more breathing space between your ear and the huggie, add 1-2mm to the inside diameter size that we recommend.

How to Measure

cm ruler and measure from the piercing to the b

Take a cm ruler and measure from the piercing to the bottom of your lobe. We suggest adding an extra 1mm to your measured length. Even if a particular style does not have the exact size you need, it's better to opt for the larger one. Don't worry, millimeters are so tiny that it won't affect the earring's appearance. In fact, it looks prettier when it hangs just a little bit!