Want your AMY O jewelry to last you a lifetime? Look no further than these crucial tips to keep your jewelry at its best!

Sterling Silver Jewelry 

To keep your AMY O. merchandise at its best, we recommend cleaning your jewelry from time-to-time. Using a soft cloth and a small amount of polish, rub the silver gently in a long back-and-forth motion, several times, and rinse with warm water before lightly drying.  When you are not wearing your jewelry, place the piece back into your AMY O. bag provided to avoid tarnishing. Avoid exposure to liquid cosmetics, household chemicals and chlorinated water as these can accelerate tarnishing. Going on a trip? We recommend storing your items in your carry-on luggage. 

Gold /Rose Gold Jewelry

For your gold or rose gold plated jewelry, we do not recommend using the solutions mentioned above as it could strip the gold. We recommend using a toothbrush and warm water and mild soap to clean your gold jewelry. A toothbrush is a very effective object to clean your jewelry as it can get into small crevices that a polishing cloth cant. Do not use anything with a rough texture that can scratch and potentially rub off the plating.  

Looking for an at home remedy for your cleaning Sterling Silver Jewelry? 

What you need is: 
 1 tbsp salt
1 cup hot water
1 tbsp baking soda
1 tbsp dishwashing detergent

First, line the bowl with tinfoil and stir all the ingredients inside. Place your jewelry in the mixture and allow your jewelry to sit for 5 - 10 minutes. Gently remove your jewelry from the mix and dry it with a soft cloth.

And voila! Your jewelry will look as good as new.