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We craft our pieces with high-quality materials, such as metals and chains set with genuine gemstones. This will allow you to wear our products every day, for a lifetime. We also have a few helpful tips and tricks you can use to keep your special pieces looking as good as new.

Gold Vermeil

Pronounced Ver-May, is rich in golden color. The thickness of the vermeil gives the piece its long lasting color and durability. For a piece to be considered Vermeil, the sterling silver is plated with 10K gold with a minimum of 2.5 microns in thickness. Our vermeil pieces feature 14K gold.


We recommend removing your piece before coming into contact with water or sweat. Clean your piece by buffing gently with a dry cloth and storing it in a soft cloth bag or the box it was received in to protect it from elements of daily exposure.

Sterling Silver

.925 Sterling Silver is an alloy containing 92.5% of pure silver and 7.5% of other metals, particularly copper. We set all our jewelry in sterling silver due to its durability and beauty.


With proper care, your jewelry can last a lifetime. To minimize tarnishing, use soft clothing and a small amount of polish. Rub gently in a long back-and-forth motion serval times. When you are not wearing your piece, place in a bag to avoid scratching and tarnishing. Avoid water when wearing your piece as it will oxidize. You can slow down the oxidation process when you wear your jewelry often, as your natural oils can help maintain the silver.

14K Gold

A precious metal that will not oxidize as it is the least reactive metal. 14K Gold consists of durable alloy which provides our pieces with a beautiful, subtle hue.

Even something as strong as gold needs loving! To ensure the longevity of your jewelry, scrub your piece lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

Our gemstones are qualified for their beauty and longevity. We use cubic zirconia crystals as well as a range of semi-precious stones from White Quartz to Opal.  Cubic zirconia crystals look just like a diamond. If you are looking for the sparkle and beauty of a diamond, then cubic zirconia is a quality choice.


Avoid exposure to water or chemicals and even sun as it can cause certain gemstones to become paler.