Cartilage Pavé Hoop Earring

  • ***Sold as single, purchase two for a pair***
  • Details
    • Made In Stainless Steel
    • Gemstone: White Zirconia
    • Seamless clicker closure
    • SKU #J011
  • Description
    Best earring for cartilage helix or tragus piercings. This thin pavé hoop earring has a seamless hinge that is secure. Sold as a SINGLE EARRING-Purchase two in cart for a pair.

  • Materials

    Made up of 10.5% Chromium and 1.2% Carbon alloyed with other metals: Iron, Titanium. Wearability Waterproof and tarnish-free!


    Colorless, translucent and carefully crafted to resemble the same precision and high quality finish as a natural diamond at an affordable cost.

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